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Golden Remedies – Full Hijama Kit


This unique product comes with

• 12 hijama (light weight wet cupping cups)
• a durable plastic & metal suction vacuum pump
• 5 pairs of medical grade plastic gloves (lytax and power free )
• 5 sterile individually packed No15 surgical blades
• 30ml pure black seed oil
• free online pdf instructional booklets, step by step guide on equipment maintenance and performing hijama on someone
• free online step by step videos on how to contact a treatment and equipment maintenance
• free online help and support regarding hijama treatment procedures and other handy tips from professional certified hijama practitioners from all over the world.


Product Description

Golden Remedies has come up with the best simple no fuss and inexpensive way for you to receive that all important treatment which your body is craving for and needs.
The do at home complete hijama kit, a sturdy durable box packet with everything you need (except for tissues and bin bag) to carry out a hijama treatment on a member of the family or even a friend.

Golden Remedies are dedicated to bring you all the best in Tib-e-nabwi (prophetic medicine) and herbal remedies so keep an eye out for the launch of our up coming products which will include hijama booster kits, prophetic & herbal remedies box, herbal & sunnah beauty kits but to name a few.


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